Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So before NFL season started Curt and I had to decide who we were really going to cheer for this year. We both love Peyton Manning so we have to cheer for the Broncos. I am from Missouri so I have always been a Rams fan but then they stunk it up for a while and I stopped watching. BUT some of our best friends in Nashville are huge Rams fans so we decided we are going to be hardcore Rams fans too!  And lastly, since we are living in Nashville we decided we will sometimes cheer for the Titans.  With that being said we watched Thursday's game where Peyton had his best game of all time! Yahoo! And yesterday after church we went over to Grant and Emily's to watch the Rams game.  Em even game me a shirt to borrow so I could start the season off right :) Guess I need to invest in a couple of shirts now, ha!

This past Sunday was a great day!  We went to church, napped, watched the Rams play (and the won!!!!), took Grant and Em to Humdingers (we had to thank them somehow for letting us stay with them for a week when our apartment flooded!), and watched Breaking Bad!  O--and we played some video game--o course I was terrible.

Thanks Grant and Em for letting us come over and spend the entire day with you!  We had so much fun! I am sure we will do it again soon!

Curt napped on the couch for a while and then napped halfway on the couch and then ended like this for a while--
poor curt :(


And more celebrating!

And more celebrating! And Curt woke up--yay!

Sportin' my gear :)

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  1. Love that shirt :) Thanks for helping us pull off the win!!