Monday, September 2, 2013

Bridal Shower!

I worked Friday, got off at 7, rushed home to take a quick shower, and Curt and I loaded up the car and headed to Cape.  We got in around midnight and immediately went to sleep because we were zonked.  Well lets be serious, I had already slept in the car a little  :).  We got up Saturday morning and got ready for the bridal shower.

The bridal shower was for one of my best friends, Monica.  She is marrying Travis (a friend of Curt's) in December.  I am a bridesmaid and Curt is a groomsmen.  Side story:  I played matchmaker and set them up and it ACTUALLY WORKED!!  Curt said that is a one time only thing and I have to quit trying to play matchmaker with our other friends, haa!

The shower was a bridal brunch.  The home the shower was held in was beautiful and the food was delicious!  She got some really great stuff--a lot of kitchen stuff!!  She is going to become one really great baker!  It was great to see Monica and catch up!  We realized we hadn't seen each other since March!! It had been way to long!!

Monica and some of the bridesmaids and friends

Catherine, Paige, myself, Meredith (Monica's sister), and Monica

Whit and me.  Whit is 37 weeks pregnant and about to pop!

O. My. Goodness.  This is a serious attempt of my mother trying to take a picture. Enough said. 

Me with the future bride :)


  1. Hey girl, LOVE that necklace. Was there a bracelet on the arm? lol Beautiful shower and you can play match maker anytime. You have excellent taste and a good judge of people.

  2. Lindsey! I'm just now looking at your blog. It's so cute!!! ;) And I must admit I laughed OUT LOUD at the picture of your mom.... Hahahahaa. Toooo good!!