Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Rents Visit Knoxville!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

Last weekend, mom and dad visited Knoxville to see us AND to work on the house, yay!!!! It had been a while since I had seen them and it was such a good visit!! I love my parents so much and they are seriously some of the best parents in the world! Thank you Mom and Dad for all that you do for Curt and I and especially for working on the house!! I look forward to many more..... please????!!! Hahah! Okay enough sappy talk..

We ate a super fun breakfast at First Watch (mom loves this place) and it was delicious! We ran errands, dry walled, painted, ate yummy food, and enjoyed just hanging out! I didn't take many pictures--we must have been working hard, ha!

We had to take load to the landfill. Gross. And we had to wear these orange vests. Terrible. AHHHHH!

Dad's awesome drywall!

Workin' hard! Thanks Dad!!

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