Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New City, New Job

Since we made the move I obviously had to get a new job--but let me tell you--I was not looking forward to it! I loved my old job and hoped that I could find something here that I would really like. Well I think I did :) I accepted a job at an outpatient infusion center with Fort Sanders Regional Hospital. The location that I am at is only about 15 minutes away and I have awesome hours! The best part--no weekends!!! I am also getting to do the same kind of stuff that I did at my old job just now it is outpatient! Curt and I thank God often for blessing me with this opportunity! I worry so much about what will happen in the future and why?? God is always with us and ALWAYS takes care of us!

So the only thing about this job is that you have to put in a bunch of IV's....well at my old job we hardly ever did that...like ever... I asked Curt very nicely if he would please be my guinea pig again...yes I said again...and he agreed! He let me stick him 3 times!!!! Warning if you don't want to see needles stop reading now. :) Thanks Curt, you really helped me out!

Don't worry...I am getting A LOT better :)

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  1. We won't share how he complained!!! So happy you all are here. WHo would help untangle balloons, for petes sake?