Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cape Visit/Emory turns 1!

Several weekends ago Curt and I made a trip to Cape to visit. We realized we hadn't been to Cape for a weekend together since April! Definitely long overdue. We got in late Friday night and pretty much went straight to bed. Saturday morning we woke up and all went to Ryan's triathlon. Curt and I didn't bring many warm clothes and it was in the 50's that morning! Curt wore a sweatshirt of my dad's from the 80's. Enough said. But the triathlon was a lot of fun! Saturday night was Emory's 1st birthday party! Emory loved her some cake. Happy Birthday Emory bug! I also got to see Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Tina, and Uncle had been a while! We were so glad we got see them, love you guys! Sunday after church we went to Perryville to visit Grandma Sally, and yes we did have some wheelchair races :) Sunday night we went and saw Whit and Ryan's is really coming along!!!! Cannot wait to see it finally finished and have some super fun sleepovers :)

O that sweatshirt...

Do we look like a happy family of four?? ahah!

Go Ryan!

Curt always finds a tree to climb..

Ryan and his brother Jason

Birthday girl!

After she devoured some cake!

Fun visit to Perryville...this was our only take...I can't believe how well it turned out

How sweet is this picture :)

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