Monday, October 20, 2014

A Trip to Mennonite Country

A couple of weekends ago Curt and I went with Hollis and Neely to Muddy Pond, aka Mennonite Country. We met another one of Curt's friends Grant and his girlfriend Sarah. It was a super fun Saturday of eating delicious food, seeing some interesting things, and hanging out with friends!

Hanging out at some restaurant with lots of knick we did not buy any of those!

Watching sorghum be made...I think the guy got mad at me because I first asked about maple syrup--yes I had a brain fart and yes I know that maple syrup comes from a maple tree

Grant and Sarah, Curt and I, Hollis and Neely

Sorghum...I tried some of the finished product thinking it was going to be really yummy and sweet. I was wrong--it is bitter!

But Curt liked it!

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